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01 Virtual conferences Package

Plan, Learn, Entertain

Always wanted to hold an international and engaging conference to all the company’s employees around the world? We know how to create a multi-day conference, filled with networking opportunities, educational sessions and attendees’ insights. Our Virtual Conferences Package is built around a live agenda that includes keynotes sessions, breakouts, bonding and fun activities to keep teams’ spirit and high productivity.

02 Customer Success: Videos for new Tech

It’s all about ROI

Want to increase retention, expansion, recurring revenue and growth, using Customer Success best practices? Implementing a new technology is a significant challenge – it requires cross-organizational processes, it consumes resources, and it produces a lot of "noise". Video tutorials, enriched with complementary interactive components, make the processes smoother. They Position the brand as a leaders in their fields.

03 Online Onboarding

Changing Employee Experience for the best

Onboarding is crucial to any employment process. It helps companies to introduce their company culture, their team, etc. If approached correctly, it can set up a new worker for success in the future. Yet, poorly organized onboarding schemes are one of the main reasons why many new employees leave the company within the first few months. We create and deliver digital onboarding process. Whereas traditional onboarding is typically done face-to-face with managers and the team, our online onboarding is 100% online. Benefits: Efficiency, Accuracy, Accessibility. As onboarding employees digitally requires less one-to-one in-person training, your company will spend less money on manpower. This comes in the form of training personnel or HR managers.

04 Reskilling Online Package

Learn with us, Grow with us

While 70% of organizations believe that workforce development programs will help to address the skills gap, they are slow to act due to financial limits and the lack of suitable technology to support internal initiatives. Therefore, we created the Reskilling Online Package. Not only does a career pathing strategy attract talent to your organization, but it also increases motivation and retention levels among your employees. Career pathing also creates internal movement, both laterally and vertically, and visibly demonstrates that your organization values its people.

Our Reskilling Online Package are built around your company’s content and vision.


"It was an outstanding effort with an
out of this world result. I wanted to
say that you and all your team were
AMAZING. This was the first of many events we will do together."


"The professionalism in which you
worked was already revealed in the
initial stages of preparations for the
conference. Your team provided creative ideas and solutions for optimal use of the platform, and were always available for us.”


"The conference, which took place in 3 cycles, was exciting and empowering
– from a dance attended by executives from all over the world, through networking and intimate workshops to the cooking session with Chef Segev Moshe!"

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